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So, I guess I’m going to answer the tumblrbot question.  Maybe that will get me writing, yo.  I tried this thing where I subscribed to a “topic of the day” writing group type thing… but it was sort of a fail.  I think I only actually did the daily topic ONCE.  I will try to do better with this, though.  Writing again would be really good for me.

So first off… seriously?  Why just stick to my MY planet?  I want to visit someone else’s planet.  Ya never know, could be verah nize.  This question is sort of awful for me.  There are so many places I would like to see, and am, by no means, an experienced traveller.  My hitlist:

I want to see Macchu Picchu (Ist that how it’s spelled?)

The Colliseum @ Rome. 

I like ruins.  I want to visit some good ruins.  Ruins in Greece would be awesome, too.

The Eifel Tower AND the Leaning Tower.  I would like to take a picture pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower and have my awesome Chucks in it, like 2 hands and one foot against the tower, just to feature the Chucks.  But which pair??  hmmmm…  (Actually, I just like taking pictures of my feet in interesting places… It’s a simple pleasure, but makes for sort of bad photography I think…)

Okay.  Moving on.  I want to see the Pyramids.

The Sidney Opera House.

That famous amphitheatre I can’t remember the name of.  And I would like to yell something from the stage.

Taj Mahal.

Galapagos Islands.  (I heard there is a humongous wait-list to visit this archipelago… but, as long as you don’t go where you’re not supposed to, they WILL let you visit them)  Above all, I would like to go the the Galapagos Islands and accidentally step on a butterfly.  I know this sounds cruel and unusual, and I like butterflies, but something about the pseudo-offlimits of the Galapagos and all of the amazingly unique flora & fauna there makes me think of that Ray Bradbury short story “A Sound of Thunder” and I just think it would be wicked cool to have this experience because it would be crazy deja-vou-ish for me, even though I have obviously never had that experience.

I want to go on a tour of all of the world-ranked roller-coaster parks on a day that they were not employing their crazy mascot people if they have them.  I LOVE roller-coasters, I just can’t deal with the characters.  I will not write about my phobia in this post.  I will put it up some other time, maybe.

I also would like to go on a tour of the graves of all of my favorite authors that are dead and leave little tokens on them and/or visit their childhood homes/places they lived.  Dorky, but, I still think that is cool.  Flannery O’Connor—check.  So many left to go… 

Stuff in America that I want to see, because I know more about the major landmarks here than anywhere else, being that I am a shallow and culturally-underexposed American:

The Grand Canyon.  Heck yes I want to hike that thing.  It looks so awesome in pictures.

Believe it or not, I think it would be cool to see Mt. Rushmore.

Yellowstone park, because it is actually a massive volcano, and it would be exciting to walk around on top of a massive volcano even if it is mostly dormant…

Area 51—DEFINITELY.  I know you can’t actually get ONTO Area 51, but I have heard there is a white mailbox somewhere in the vicinity of Area 51 that some people have signed.  I would like to put my name on that mailbox.

Alaska, to watch the aurora borealis.

These are going to sound cheesy, but, seriously, they are on my hit-list:

I want to see the “world’s biggest” stuff scattered across the midwest… like the biggest frying pan and the biggest ball of twine.  I just think it’s cool to stand next to big stuff.

That humongous dinosaur in PeeWee’s big adventure.  I am assuming that this is a real thing.  I WANT TO SEE IT.

I am sure that I am forgetting about a heck ton of good places.  But, I am also tired of this topic now, so, meh.

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